iOS 5 at First Glance


I’ll spare you all the details since everyone has written about them in more depth. I’ll just talk about the home run highlights:

1. It is super easy to set up… if you can actually get it installed. It’s easy… and boy is it a beautiful step-by-step wizard. It’s rare you come across something that sexy, simple and free.
2. Notifications are a huge improvement compared to the pop-up windows. They’re much more “polite” and actually work well.
3. The new Messages app works almost exactly like iChat. This is a really nice feature, especially on the iPad.

The only question mark I have is battery life. With all these new features, I bet it’s going to use a little extra juice. Anyone notice a hit in battery life yet?

Ps. I’m totally bummed that Siri wasn’t a part of this release. Guess I’ll have to wait.

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