Noisy Neighbors

While this video seems pretty staged, I feel the same way as some of these folks. I wish there was a way to soundproof my bedroom. I’m tempted to build a soundproof capsule—I bet something like a modular sleeping module for urban homes could be a winner.

On a serious note, I’ve talked to my neighbor multiple times and have texted her about any major violations; however, she has not complied. I worry that I may have to take additional measures to resolve this issue. Being reasonable doesn’t seem like it’s working with her.

Anyone have solutions for either a) sound proofing rooms, or b) resolving issues with the source?

2 thoughts on “Noisy Neighbors

  1. the new dude above me works out every 6am and 6pm…now i dont mind the thumping here and there but this dude shakes my whole apartment…sometimes waking up me, my fiance, and our kid…i wanna talk to the dude but i got a feeling itll get ugly real quick. ive reached the conclusion that once it happens to get loud again, im gonna call our leasing office so they can hear it lol

    as for your issue, call the cops. calling the cops always solves the problem…although dont look at her like youre the one who called the cops, then she’ll hate you lol

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