Photo of Ramsey McGrory


Here’s a quick portrait I shot of our new CEO Ramsey McGrory at Clearspring. I literally had 2 minutes to snap a picture of him before he walked out the door. You can read more about the announcement on Ted Leonsis’ blog.

It’s always fun shooting portraits of different people. While I don’t consider myself a professional “photographer”, I definitely enjoy the challenge of capturing a moment. I’ve worked with pro photographers at an agency, and here are the few things I learned:

1. Shoot more photos than you need.
2. Lighting is everything. If there’s no light, make some.
3. 85mm is the perfect distance for creating portrait “chemistry”.
4. The faster the lens, the better. (2.8f is pro)
5. Always carry a camera (or two)

I’m always flattered when I’m asked to take photos. Now I just need to get me hands on some new glass. ^_^

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