Clearspring Speaker Session with @Paulsingh


We had another Clearspring speaker session this afternoon, featuring Paul Singh. Here are the key take aways:

• He never thought he’d be a VC
• The business model they follow is based on Moneyball
• Based off data, he bets big on people and their traction, not on their ideas
• His company has flown under the radar and is funding hundreds of companies a year
• His office drinks over 400 beers a week

Paul seems like a pretty sharp and down to earth guy. I like how he’s going against the grain, in terms of redefining how VCs work. It’d be interesting to see how his data could power other companies like KickStarter. Kickstarter is crowd sourced funding for ideas… I’d love to see data overlaid on top of it to see the history of the founders and how much traction they really have. It seems like a better way to determine the success of a project.

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