Skyrim Sucks. GameStop Rules.


I bought Skyrim yesterday on PS3, and based on all the reviews, screenshots and videos, it was supposed to be a good game. I had to return it simply because the frame rate and lag was terrible… not to mention, the physics, shadowing and texture were all crap. I’d like to give kudos to GameStop for giving me my money back for returning opened merchandise. I’ll be sure to order my next games for them again. Image hat tip: Matt Abrams

4 thoughts on “Skyrim Sucks. GameStop Rules.

  1. yeah gamestop is great times…gonna go there at midnight to pick up Saints Row The Third…then i’ll say goodbye to real life for a while LOL

  2. I haven’t been having as many problems- although it’s definitely buggy, and I’m on a newer PS3. Having a great time thieving my way through the realm, love the game. Glad you recommended it to me before its fall from grace!

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