Oblivion was one of my favorite games for the 360, and the next generation of the franchise is being released tomorrow. While there are a ton of games that are being released right now, I’m actually really looking forward to Skyrim. I’m hoping it’s going to be as epic as they promised the graphics and experience to be. Dragon Age was so-so. Here are some screenies from IGN.





2 thoughts on “Skyrim

  1. my problem with such massive open world games is that i have a fear of just playing a “walking tour of someplace” lol i do wanna play a game like this im just scared that it’s gonna be more Fallout: New Vegas instead of Fallout 3

  2. I actually bought the game and returned it. I’ll be writing a blog tonight about the experience… In general, the graphics for the PS3 suck as well as the frame rate and lag. It doesn’t live up to Oblivion in my opinion. :/

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