A Pixar Story

I finally had a chance to watch A Pixar Story tonight. I highly recommend it for everyone. I love seeing that kind of passion, culture and innovation. For some serious motivation, watch it. It’s only 1hr 28m.

The 3 things that really resonated with me about creating a story is:
1. It’s all about the characters.
2. You have to be entertaining.
3. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch if it’s not right.


5 thoughts on “A Pixar Story

  1. this is on my netflix queue…im gonna watch it after we finish up lost. i love rewatching the 6 Days to South Park special, too but that’s cuz i really want a giant cintiq lol

  2. finally got to sit down n watch it with my fiance n our daughter…this movie is incredibly inspirational. i remember as a kid all the stuff happening with pixar and the animation industry switching to computer…Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 to Eisner getting ousted, an angry rant about the friggin teapot in 3D programs, and how, as a kid, i wished really bad i had the money to invest when pixar went public lol it was great to see the chalk pastel pieces of concept art from finding nemo and the incredibles. a professor of mine actually has the book for finding nemo.

  3. @1c549f9c981bff49f7628b6980f67f33:disqus yeh, this documentary was totally inspirational… gets me pretty fired up about design and trying to put more personality into all the things I design. It really makes you appreciate all the fine details…

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