Holiday Photos

Here are some photos from this holiday, hanging out some fam from Hong Kong. Sorry for the blurry quality—it was all shot from my iPhone.









4 thoughts on “Holiday Photos

  1. OMFG is that your daughter? shes so CUTE!

    sorry man my cousins just had kids so now i’m hit with a severe case of baby fever LOL happy year and merry christmas though dude…HK must’ve been beautiful during the holidays

  2. LOL, no way man. I don’t have any kids! That’s my cousin’s daughter.

    Wow, baby fever… that sounds crazy dude…

    Babies and kids freak me out.  X_x  Hah!

  3. Pics weren’t as bad as you made them seem!  You can really get the holiday feel from them.
    Great ginger bread house!  My kids would love to make that- maybe next holiday. 😀

    • awww thanks buddy. yeh the gingerbread house was a pretty fun project for the kids… i think my mom enjoyed it just as much as anyone. unfortunately those suckers are expensive. we ended up going to the sample place again the following day, and i got my niece some gingerbread men to decorate—it was $37 to decorate a couple cookies. Crazy mark up.

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