IKEA as Art

Can you believe that these are photos and not illustrations? Pretty sweet composition. I might have to add these photos to my organizational porn pin board.

Carl Kleiner, the photographer behind Ikea’s stunning debut baking book, is up with a new promo series for the Swedish furniture giant. This time, he has turned his lens on kitchenware.

Not the world’s most exciting subject, mind you, but if anyone can sex up butter knives and tea infusers, it’s Kleiner. –fastcodedesign.com






I was just at IKEA this weekend with Annie and my new roommate, and I can tell you that my next project is certainly going to be my kitchen.

2 thoughts on “IKEA as Art

    • yeh, organizing like that is pretty crazy. i remember an ad in the early 90’s that did something like this, but with sea shells… it looked pretty painful to set up.

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