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Here’s a pic of my living room with an upgraded TV. While the last TV I got was large, it felt a little too small for this room. This new one fits much better and is easier on the eyes.

If you’re wondering where the old TV is, I gave it to my dad as a christmas gift. This new LED is huge, thin and makes bluray look pretty spectacular.


It looks pretty good on the stand… but I’m starting to wonder if I should mount it to the wall for the full effect. Thoughts?

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  1. trust me on this: you raise it up too high your neck’s gonna destroy you after a while…otherwise, it looks great…size and brand of the TV? how’s your surround system? i’m looking into getting one, finally…

  2. @martin:disqus Heya, thanks man… I appreciate it! I’m finally starting to upgrade some stuff in the home. 🙂

     @1c549f9c981bff49f7628b6980f67f33:disqus It’s a 70″ LED Sharp Aquos. I had a 52″ before, and when you see them side by side, the new TV totally dwarfs it. There’s an 80″ LED Sharp Aquos that’s f’n bad ass, but was out of my price range. I managed to get this one through a holiday cyber-sale. I have an old plug and play sony 5.1 dvd player. It definitely has better sound than the stock TV, but isn’t true surround since I’m connecting it with basic RCA cables and not HDMI. I’m planning to get either an Onkyo or Yamaha receiver sometime this year, and then upgrade the speakers one by one.

    I recommend the 70″ LED if you have the space. If it’s out of your price range, there are certainly awesome deals for 60″ screens. I saw an open box 60″ LED Westinghouse at Best Buy for $850. The image was pretty good too.

    • word…in this apartment we got a 47″ 120Hz LG which is about 5″ larger than the recommended size according to distance lol once i have an actual house with a larger living room i’ll try to go larger…and if im super rich by then, im gonna get a TV the size my wall like barney in how i met your mother

      • you should send some pics of your apartment. i’d love to see what it looks like man. i’ve only seen bits and pieces of it through the video’s you’ve shared.

  3. Dude.. mount it on the wall it will completely change the look of the room and the TV… and what did you do with your old one ??

    • oh man, i might need some help mounting it. if you’re ever in town, you should show me how to do it! 🙂

      yah, your tv looked so good when you mounted it to the wall. i’m not sure how to do something like that with a screen this large!

      • Sure i can help you.. i recently mounted my in my apartment..well not as big as yours but as soon as you mount it … it is different.. i will send you a pic.. you can make your room more minimal by mounting it and doing some cable management.. 

        • @92ba3687b1f30c6a3cc9cba21a62a81d:disqus Yah! definitely send me a pic of your new entertainment setup. I really liked what you did with your room when you lived with me. It was sexy!

    • i know… it’s on my list to do. i just need to figure out how to do it correctly… you know anyone who can help me do it?

    • @twitter-12081762:disqus Awww thanks man. I appreciate it. We need to pimp out your new crib too buddy. I’ll probably get it mounted within the next month or so. Stay tuned!

      BTW, you should share some photos of your new chairs man! 🙂

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