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I’ve been having problems with my neighbor. At times it’s fine, but last night she was walking around sporadically, dropping things, and making enough noise to keep me up… even with ear plugs on. It’s been going on for the last few months, and I’ve written a note, talked to her in person a couple times, and exchanged numbers so I could let her know if I was hearing noise.

Typically the loud walking occurs anywhere between 1am and 5am… I’m not sure exactly what she’s up to around then, but she seems to believe that walking is acceptable in her own home anytime. I would agree with that, except that her condo resides above mine.

Anyway, what do you guys think I should do? Should I talk to her one more time in person and see if we can get a mediator to help us resolve the problem, or should I just report the problem to the condo association from this point forward?

Here’s the last exchange of texts from last night:

Me: Heya, I’m hearing a bunch of noise–I’m trying to sleep. It sounds like it’s coming from your unit. If it’s not you, I apologize.

Me: Okay. I’m still hearing stuff and it’s loud down here. I heard loud walking earlier and a loud bang a moment ago. I’m trying to sleep.

Neighbor: Yeh and I see dead people!
Neighbor: Stop blowing up my phone. I’m trying to sleep!!!

Me: I thought texting was the way we wanted to handle this problem. I saw your light on earlier and someone walking around in the kitchen. The noise was certainly coming from your unit. I won’t send any more texts if you don’t care to resolve the issue. However, I’ll be left with no other choice other than filing complaints to the condo association from this point forward if we can’t work it out.
Neighbor: This is exactly what YOU having been wanting to do!
Neighbor: I was sick and in bed a week ago and you heard walking! Ya think that may be somewhat insane and harassment?
Neighbor: My husband is a cop. He has sat here several evenings when texts have come in!
Neighbor: I have saved and documented ALL texts.
Neighbor: And have had my husband here to witness the insanity.
Neighbor: I have no problem with communication…but when it’s because you hear walking, I’m sorry, but that’s beyond insane! I have never once had music or anything beyond once guest. It’s frustrating!
Neighbor: I feel that you are joining the band wagon! And just trying to cause me problems! I DON’T complain about anything, to include the extremely loud and building shaking noise above me. LIGHTEN UP! Sit back and just think for a damn second!!!

Me: Honestly, I’ve tried to resolve things with you in person. We agreed that texting was okay, and you gave me permission. I don’t want to file a complaint–if I did, I would have without consulting with you. I’ve tried to be reasonable, and I even brought you cookies as a sign of good faith. from my perspective, I don’t believe I’ve been harassing you. i’ve tried to be reasonable with you anytime something’s come up.

Neighbor: Okay. But what am I supposed to think when I come home from a long day of work, sick… and lay on the couch all night and wake up to get a text saying you heard walking?!?!
Neighbor: Honestly, it’s been really been frustrating feeling like I have to tip toe all time because I don’t want to bother you. Meanwhile I have the unit above me so loud it shakes the ceiling!
Neighbor: Talk to me in person. I need to go back to sleep and all this text is driving me nuts. I’m free tomorrow after 5.

I’m looking for some serious advice. Thoughts?

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  1. see how that meeting goes tomorrow at 5. if things can’t get resolved peacefully and respectfully then it’s time to file the complaint. if she tries to intimidate you with her husband being a cop again, call the cops. i gotta admit though texting them at 3am is awesome. next time my neighbor shakes the shit outta my apartment im gonna leave a message on my landlord’s voicemail with all the noise, and tell em there’s cracks in my ceiling lol honestly i dont wanna resolve things with the guy cuz i wouldn’t be able to be as civil as you are with your neighbors. report back with results? im kinda in the same spot as you, just with an apartment not a condo.

    • @1c549f9c981bff49f7628b6980f67f33:disqus  I was actually too tired to meet up with her yesterday. I went straight to bed when I got home last night, slept for a couple hours, went to volleyball, and then went back to bed. After thinking about it, I’m just going to start filing complaints at this point—but I want the condo association to do an assessment of the situation. I’m going to purchase a db meter ( to start measuring when the sound is bad. If the building is not to spec, I should have grounds to ask them to add more padding in their floors, as well as doubling up on the drywall.

      Sorry to hear about your situation. I can totally relate—although, my situation doesn’t seem as hostile. I’ll keep you posted on the details. For whatever reason, my neighbor has to walk around at random hours in the evening. Fortunately, she was quiet last night… so I was able to rest for a little.

  2. that makes 3 of us. sounds like the people above me have to move their furniture anytime after midnight – every night. drives me nuts. i talked to them. they were quiet for a day or two, then it started again. luckily i’ll be moving out end of this month. think you’re on the right track there. report it if nothing changes. you can’t be too polite in the end. good luck to both of you guys.

    • Thanks for the advice and sharing your story. That sucks that your neighbors are moving furniture at that hour. Did they just move in recently? If so, it’ll probably settle down within a month.

      So far, my neighbor has been much more quiet. I didn’t end up talking to her—she’s not the most polite person. Imagine the sound of a middle aged chain smoker with an attitude.

      Any future complaints are going directly to the condo association. For now, I’m getting a contractor to come in and check out my bedroom to see if they can help me soundproof it. Hopefully I can find someone who specializes in this.

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