Mounted TV

I mounted my tv today, with the help of Patrick. While I like the way it looks, I’m worried that it’s a little too high. I might have to take it down and re-drill all the holes. Doh!

What do you think? The center of the tv is definitely higher than eye level now. I kind of liked it better before. :/


6 thoughts on “Mounted TV

  1. When you drop it down it’ll be behind the speakers.  Then those have to move, then the docoder is in the way and then . . .

    • I know, it’s one thing after another. I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into!

      The good news is that I can get a mount for the speakers as well.

  2. play a game for a day and if your neck hurts you know its high.. a low stand or a vertical console rack might be good on the side..

    • Yeh man, I think you’re right. I’ll see if I can live with it for a few days. If it’s just too high, I’ll just put it back on the stand. I’ll keep you posted!

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