Star Trek TNG Bluray

It turns out my new roommate and I have several common interests, including Star Trek TNG. We’ve been geeking it up the last couple evenings watching some old episodes.

Most recently, he ordered a bluray that features a complete remastering of a couple old shows in 7.1 high definition. Sadly, the video is in a 4:3 ratio… but I guess that’s okay, since it was originally shot that way. There’s noticeable grain in the video, however, the audio is stellar. Watching these old episodes in full surround is absolutely wonderful.

Tonight we watched “The Inner Light”, which was awesome. It’s always a riot to watch Picard grow old. I suppose it’s fascinating to see him get a second chance at life when he returns back to his own time on the enterprise.


I’m hoping that the release an entire box set. It brings back some old, but familiar memories.

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