New Range Hood

I just replaced my old microwave with a new Kitchen Aid range hood. I was concerned about having enough clearance above the stove, but it seems to fit just fine. I’ve never bought a range hood, but these things can get really expensive (if you go with Wolf, Viking or any commercial brands). I honestly just needed something that could move air, so the Kitchen Aid 600 Series seemed to provide enough CFM to do the job.



I’m really liking the way the metal looks. I’ll have to patch up the wall and start getting it prepped for a possible ceramic backsplash. At the moment, I’m looking to update the countertop, sink and faucet. The wear and tear is starting to show.

I’m not a chef, but it’s nice to cook every once and a while. I’m actually more interested in watching Annie, my roommate and my mom using it.

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