I’ve been using for the last year. It was introduced to me by a coworker, and we used it for a couple projects. For some reason, we stopped using it.

Asana is a task management app that lets you share projects and tasks between coworkers very easily. It’s by far my favorite… and I’m going to keep using it, even though most of the folks have given up on it here. Heheh.


So, here are a couple of feature requests:

  • I’d like see a visualization of all my projects, to see which one has the most tasks remaining.
  • I’d like to see line graph of each project, showing how many tasks are created and completed over time. This can help me get a better idea of the trajectory of when a project will be complete.

    I’m looking forward to the new stuff they come out with. It’s a really slick product, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to manage tasks in a small team.

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    1. Jeff – thanks for the great feedback & post! We’re hoping to have some of the features you mention soon. They are on our list for sure. Can you elaborate on why Asana didn’t stick at your company? Any feedback on what we could have done better there?

      • Hey Kenny! Thanks for dropping a line on my blog… It’s really impressive to see how responsive you and your team are. It sounds like Asana has a very promising future ahead.

        I think the reason why our dev team stopped using Asana was because we had to manage too many lists. We hav a project road map, daily task and track tickets (for defects/stories/etc). Most of our developers need to track tickets so they can be QA’d, and Asana didn’t provide any kind of SVN integration. That was probably the biggest pain point for us.

        For me personally, I love Asana. I have our entire UX/Design team using it. Wherever possible, I always try to get our developers to jump back on… but it’s a tough sell, since the application doesn’t support SVN. Otherwise, I think it’s perfect for almost any other company.

        Keep up the fantastic work. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new stuff you and your team come up with!

    2. I remember using it at my last company and we tried the switch from basecamp. We got a little frustrated because it seemed like postings and email notifications lagged a little. Also multiple uploads were not a feature. This was a few months ago. I thought the interface was very slick otherwrise.

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