Biked to Work

I road my bike to work this morning. Unfortunately, I found out that we’re not supposed to have bikes inside the building. I’m not sure if I want to park my bike outside, considering that I’d have to lock it all. Maybe I’ll just leave my car here and lock it inside the park lot during the week, if the weather is nice.


I’m wondering if I should get a little KickPed scooter as an alternate form of commuting. Hah! But I’d probably look like a hippie. Unfortunately, they’re like $260. Dah. If they were a little cheaper, I’d seriously consider getting one.

8 thoughts on “Biked to Work

    • I mentioned it to Robert. He’s going to investigate further and see what options are available. The building management group here is strict, unfortunately. I’m seriously considering getting a little kick scooter though hah! That would be a riot to ride it in every once and a while. 🙂

      How do you get to your new office man?

      • My commute depends on where I’m at. Most of the time it just involves walking about 20 feet. The last week or so I’ve been in Michigan so I’ve been walking around and finding a place to work.

        The idea of not allowing bikes inside and not having some sort of secure storage as an alternative seems like a policy that just encourages more cars to be on the road, but maybe they have a good reason. Did you get any sort of reason why the policy exists?

        • Robert’s investigating it. He’s aware of the situation now. I guess I’ll just walk for now. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

          Unfortunately, locking up a bike properly actually takes a bunch of time. It takes about 3 locks to do it right. However, even with locks, it won’t stop someone determined to get it. 🙁

          That’s cool that you can you be a nomadic developer. You’re living the dream man! You’ll have to post photos of your “offices”.

    • DUDE! That is awesome! I actually really like the way that looks. I checked out the specs—looks like it has drum brakes… I wonder if they have a disk brake version available.

  1. well i guess for that cc drum breaks will do the job.. :-), I have seen these used by Honda Pit crue when i was at Moto GP.. they are cool..

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