New Pre-Owned Fridge

I just bought a pre-owned fridge recently. It’s a 5 year old Maytag, french door style, that replaced my old GE. My old fridge was about 11 years old—it still worked, but was humming all the time. In addition, there was barely enough room for me and my roommate to store stuff.

Fortunately, this new fridge has tons of space. It didn’t come without a cost though. Moving it was $150 + $70 for old fridge removal. It also took 6 or 7 hours to clean. I also had to remove the baseboard to make it fit.

Overall, it’s still a functional fridge and provides more space and features. Here’s a photo of it.


Here’s a photo in the space before I cleaned the exterior. It fits snug. There’s literally a millimeter of clearance on the sides.


Here’s a photo of the fudge before I cleaned it. Also, another photo of the fridge showing the baseboard before removal.


So far, it’s been a big improvement over the last one. It just required a getting my hands a little dirty. 🙂

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