Hurley Office

Now here’s an office with some interesting style. Check out







Whether you grew up around the skate and surf lifestyle or not, the Hurley name is likely no stranger to you. Earning its name from founder, Bob Hurley, who created the company in 1999, Hurley has situated its headquarters within Orange County in Costa Mesa, California.

Whether it be the sunny West Coast location of the headquarters, the elaborately creative environment in which the Hurley team operates or all of the above, it’s no wonder the crew continues to churn out relevant product in 2012. Among the expansive space, the Hurley HQ includes an indoor skate park with artwork by Bigfoot, MADSTEEZ and others, Bob Hurley’s board shaping room, a Kitchen by Dalek, and a music studio. In addition, the headquarters features an area aptly branded as the “Shrine” which serves as a space to prototype retail concepts and spur inspiration for the team to brainstorm and build new ideas. –

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