Test Drive: NSX


Okay, so I didn’t test drive it… however, my buddy took me for a ride. The NSX has a lot of history and heritage. It was once claimed to be a super car, for a fraction of the cost. It didn’t have the most horse power, braking or prestige as a Ferrari, but it could hold its own on the track and road.

So how does it ride? It felt like it was a brand new car, even though it’s over a decade old. Acceleration was linear, the ride was tight, and the handling is up there… like Porsche Cayman kind of handling.

Now, I’ve heard a lot about the car’s brakes being soft… but the car handles so incredibly well, you hardly have to touch the brakes. No joke, my buddy did about 75 around a very hard (90 degree) turn. There was no tire squealing, no slipping, no drama. One word: it’s “neutral”. I guess that’s all attributed to the low center of gravity and mid engine. If you want to find a car that handles, the NSX is up there. It’s better than a 335, s2000, viper, corvette, 370z and probably most 911’s around a corner. The only thing it lacks is power.

The NSX is a true driver’s car and has the reliability of a honda. Can’t really argue with that.

2 thoughts on “Test Drive: NSX

    • the car is truly unbelievable around the twisties. and there’s very little electronic stuff getting between you and driving. there’s something very rewarding about that.

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