10 thoughts on “Black Ops 2, Zombies

  1. never been a fan of CoD cuz of the lack of offline campaign co-op…lemme know if you get resident evil 6 or borderlands 2.

      • resident evil 6 has a great story but a lot of step backs from re4 and 5. im a die-hard fan so i looked past it. on the other hand mercenaries is pretty fun too so i say wait til it’s about half price. it won’t take long to drop.

        borderlands 2 is even better the first, which i spent a lot of time playing with my fiance. there’s more of a story in part 2 and the multiplayer formula is awesome. if you’re not in a rush to play it or spend money on a season pass you can wait about a year for the goty to come out with all the DLCs. if they’re as epic as the last game’s DLCs they’ll be worth the wait.

        if you don’t wanna wait out a price drop, i say pick up borderlands 2. the mechromancer is coming up in about a week so i’ll be restarting fresh with that character the day she becomes available for DL.

        also, add me: yayformeyay

        • hah! yeh man, i’ll have to add you to my xbox friend list. i’ll have to to check out BL2. been hearing a lot of really good things about it.

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