Halo 4


I just picked up Halo 4 last night. I felt like Halo 3 was excellent, and since then, all the following versions that came out fell short.

This new version, is definitely a step up. IGN has given it very high praise, and rightfully so. All the graphics and effects are as good as I’ve ever seen on the Xbox 360. Considering that all the lighting effects pretty much looks like they came from Tron and JJ Abram’s Star Trek, I’d say it’s pure eye candy. The game play is decent as well.

Is it the best first person shooter of all time? Probably not, but then again, it’s pretty fun. I do find myself running out of ammo… which I guess makes it more challenging. I like that.

Who else is playing? Wanna get a little friendly game of team death match going? 🙂

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