Test Drive: 2006 BMW M3


I test drove my buddy’s M3’s recently. In a nutshell, it’s probably on of the best all around cars you can buy for the money. It’s a car of many personalities—sports car, sedan, daily driver, etc. What is astonishing is that it does everything well.

The fit and finish was very clean. In many ways I like the boxy style better. To me it represented purity, simplicity and functionality. It looks like a normal BMW, which enables you to fly under the radar. I kind of like that. ^_^

Driving the BMW and does’t require a heavy foot to go fast. Torque is delivered at low RPMs and is instant. In fact, putting the car in “sport mode” almost makes the throttle too sensitive for novice drivers like me. When you plant your foot down, the power is immediately there, and the pull is intense. What makes the M3 astonishing is that it’s faster than you’d expect. It’s kind of like drinking a martini for the first time. Looks totally harmless until you start chugging it down.

The best part of the M3 is that it feels like a normal 3 series… so driving it around town is just so comfortable. But when you need the power, it’s there.

The ride is soft. And that’s where I’m confused. I don’t understand how the suspension can be so soft, and simultaniously handle so well. A Porsche Cayman S, for example, gives you loads of feedback… but can be kind of exhausting if you hit uneven road. The M just smooths everything out. And when you hit twisty roads, it’s pretty awesome. Just point and shoot.


So in conclusion, I think that the a 2006 BMW M3 is probably one of the best values for a car. You’re really getting two cars for the price of one. It’s a car that can be driven very spiritedly, and every day. For me, I’d get a 4 door version, just so I could actually use the back seats and share the experience.

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