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Every once and a while I’ll ask all my friends to recommend a book, movie, music, etc. It’s been a theme for the last few years—I’m looking to see the world from a different perspective.

Just a side note: When I was younger, I hated reading. I still don’t really like reading, but the tediousness is usually outweighed by the value gained. So please recommend the good stuff! Unfortunately, I’m a slow reader, and I can only go through so much.


I recently went through World War Z (recommended by Steve Dumais). It’s one of the first fictional pieces that I’ve gone through in a while. Not a real fan of the book… but I’m looking forward to watching the movie. I like my fiction on the big screen! Heh. I, however, will probably go through his other book, The Zombie Survival Guide. That looks much more interesting.

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I’m currently reading Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques (recommended by Patrick Stanger). The main takeaway so far is in order to go faster, you have to go slower. For example, instead of mashing on the brakes, you have to squeeze them. It reminds me of an old saying from John McGuire (ex Navy SEAL), “Fast is slow. Smooth is fast.” I guess that mentality applies to almost everything in life.

So I wanted to thank everyone for making a recommendation in the past. I’m actually still chipping away at it. If you have any additional recommendations, I welcome all brilliant suggestions.

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