The New Porsche Cayman

Wow, looks like Porsche has made some upgrades to the porsche cayman. The proportions have changed, and so have some lines. The new Cayman looks good, and I bet it’ll look stellar in person. The reality is, I still wouldn’t buy one, even though they’re a great value.


The Cayman is probably one of the best handling cars, but Porsche has always been held back. The problem is that if they put a 911 engine in a Cayman with upgraded brakes, it’s probably be the better car, for less money. It’s a serious brand and marketing problem.


If you really like the Cayman, I’d just say save the money and get an older 911 instead. But, if you’re absolutely determined to get a new Porsche, I would consider the Boxster S instead. It has all the ingredients that make Porsche awesome, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.


I don’t usually approve of automatic transmissions in sports cars, but I could see someone buying the Boxster S with an automatic transmission and putting all season tires on it. The car would be a blast to drive, and isn’t about setting insane track times.


The new Porsche Boxster S is all about having fun. Sure, some people may giggle seeing you in a Boxster, but in reality, you’ll have the last laugh.

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