Xbox Red Ring of Doom, Again

My xbox 360 broke again. I was hosting a private match between some of my buddies last night in COD BO2. In the middle of the game, my xbox just shut down.

Anyway, I took the whole thing apart. I’m going to see if I can just reapply some Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound between the gpu/cpu and heat sinks. I’ll probably dust off everything as well. Hopefully it’ll all work again soon. I can’t believe I’ve had my xbox for over 6 years.


On a side note, I took this photo and played around with some photoshop filters/layers. Here’s my take on a custom “instagram-like” filter. Heh. If people like it, I may make some more and post them online and make them all “open source”.

2 thoughts on “Xbox Red Ring of Doom, Again

    • hah, yeh man…. i actually bought myself a new one. i figured it was time. the new one is really nice—it’s smaller, quieter, and is HDMI. the graphics are a little sharper, which is nice!

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