So I’m probably a little too overweight. It’s been like this for a while. Even though I play a ton of volleyball.

I used to weigh about 150lbs when I did Seal Team PT and Taekwondo. When I did Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I was walking around at 160. Over the last few years I just haven’t worked out as vigorously.

When I started the diet, I weighed 172 lbs. I weight myself this morning and I hit 162 lbs. Ultimately dropping 15 lbs will help me live a little healthier (and jump a little higher). ^_^

So there are a couple of key things I’m doing:
1. Absolutely no more soda.
2. Keep track of caloric intake and energy output.
3. Replacing junk food with fruit and healthier meals.
4. Work out more.

I’m determined to get there. I’m already starting to feel the results. In the process, I’ve started to learn how to cook some healthy stuff. My salmon is pretty much perfected!


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