Test Drive: 2013 Ford Fusion

So one of my coworkers got the new Ford Fusion recently. We went for a little test drive around the block and I’d have to say it’s a nice sedan. It’s spacious, tech friendly, and does really well on gas. It also looks pretty good.


The first thing I noticed was how quiet the car was. It was unclear when the engine is on or off… but that I guess that’s true for any hybrid. I’m not sure if I could ever get used to that… it’s a strange feeling.


It’s a sharp looking car though. The only thing I’d do is change the logo. I think Ford needs to update their graphic identity to match the futuristic styling and tech of their new cars. The old logo makes the car feel like an ancient Taurus.


It’s a traditional company with a new product. It’s about time for a new visual identity.


Would I recommend it? It’s cooler than a Prius, for sure. So yes.

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