Cars and Coffee

This was probably one of the largest turn outs I’ve been to. Literally every parking lot was full. Lots of different cars showed up, but I had to say I saw a ton of Porsche.


Lovely GT40. Probably one of my all time favorite cars created in the USA.


Never thought I’d see such a lovely spectrum of blue.


Lotus Evora. This puppy was just shy of 100k.


Aston Martin Vanquish. These are just sexy.


The new white boxster, side by side with a classic 911.


A 911 with a roof rack. This one was my favorite, until I saw the next one…


A fully tracked out classic 911 turbo. This thing had the works—lowered suspension, front diffuser, additional rear spoiler, sparco bucket seats, stripped out interior, roll cage, plastic windows, etc.


Even the speedometer was turned sideways. Yep, that’s how track cars do it.


There was another Porsche Cayman that had a cool hood. Check out all the logos. Cool idea, if you don’t want your car to look like a sticker fest from Nascar.


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