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I’ve been seeing more and more LEOs on the street recently, so I figured it was time to take some precautions. I just got a radar for my car and hardwired it. The installation took about an hour. Based on the manufacturer, the radar is undetectable by the latest radars, including the spectre.

I powered the radar through the fuse box. Pretty simple.


Cops are getting sneaky these days, so radars won’t save you all the time. Nothing replaces common sense and road awareness. Here are some photos of the install.

2 thoughts on “Radar Detector

  1. In a completely serious, not just trying to be an ass sort of way, What do you do with this when you are in the no radar detector zones? Or is it more of a deal with it when you run into it situation?

    • Heya, that’s a great question. I live in VA, and it’s a state where radar’s are illegal. I purchased an Escort Redline, which is undetectable by radar detector detectors like the Spectre. I leave my radar on all the time as a preventative measure. A ticket for having a radar is $100, and it’s a non-moving violation with no points deducted. On the other hand, a speeding ticket is >$150. In some spots on i95, the speed limit is 70mph… however, if you go above 80mph, a cop can write you for wreckless here. That’s a huge fine, insurance will go up, and it’s added to your criminal record. So, I personally prefer keeping it on. If I get busted with it, I’ll just pay up the $100.

      Do you have a radar? If so, what kind?

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