Coolest Office

This is probably one of the sexiest offices I’ve seen in a while. I like how they turned the little conference rooms into little tool sheds with a roof and siding. Pretty cool space. I’m sure noise is a problem there, with the open space and hard floors… nevertheless, it looks fantastic. Ps. I really like that red decal they’ve used to line the base of the walls with.








Based in Manila, Philippines, Utwentysix Architecture Studio set out to create an anti-corporate environment for a start up company called Migo that specializes in media and entertainment distribution. The company acquired space in a new high rise building in Manila that was a completely bare, corporate office space with no personality. The company’s CEO wanted an office that reflected their desire to serve the people of the Philippines so the design was inspired by a bit of nostalgia for Filipinos – traditional life and homes that are still found in rural towns. –Design Milk

No matter what, I’m going to have sliding garage doors in the next office I design. Designing cool interiors for startup companies must be one of the best jobs in the world.

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