Cars and Coffee

It looked like it was going to rain this past weekend, but it turn out to be nice weather in the morning for Cars and Coffee.

I saw a bunch of really nice rides, but the coolest one was the Noble M400.


I talked to the owner and he pretty much described the Noble as a “track car that’s drivable on the road”. The vehicle weighs around 2500lbs, which is really light. Just to give you an idea, a Porsche 911 typically weighs about 3000lbs or more. It’s got a significant amount of turbo boost that pushes out around 424hps. That’s quite a lot of power, and it can do 0-60 around 3.2 seconds.


The owner said that he picked his up for around $50k, and it had all the necessary updates/maintenance to keep it running strong. Anyway, it’s definitely a car I’d like to add to the stable in the future. The only thing I’d do differently is remove the front license plate. In fact, I think I’m going to remove mine from my car. Sadly, it makes this amazing super car look like a joke.


Next up, the typical Porshe owners hang out together. Pretty small turn out, but it was nice to see such a wide variety, from old to new.


The white Porsche on the left is a 911 GT3 (997 model). The red one on the right is a slant nose turbo, with a giant whale tail.


A bunch of muscle cars and hot rods made it out as well. My favorite was the Chevrolet Mako.


Old Corvette in a lovely blue.


This is my favorite angle. look at those lines!


Pretty class interior too.


A lovely GTO. One menacing looking muscle car.


Chrysler Prowler. Really sharp color.


Mercedes Benz SLS with the famous gull wings.


It’s not my favorite super car, but it does have a unique air about it. It’s definitely an “old man’s” car.


And some random photos. The tesla sedan interior.


And a big ass truck.


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