Sexy Interior Design in Cape Town, South Africa

This is a luxury home in Cape Town, South Africa.

Antoni Associates was approached by a young family looking to relocate from the bustling city to a more relaxed life in the country. The family settled on this residence, called Pearl Valley 276, situated near Paarl, about 30 minutes away from Cape Town, South Africa. The owner’s were looking for what they described as “barefoot luxury” where the interior was modern, but full of natural materials.

The glass stair railing keeps the hallway open and light from the floor-to-ceiling windows fills the space.

Rich wood floors are used throughout the home, warming up the raw concrete ceilings.

The pool can be viewed from all areas of the home with the massive sliding glass doors that completely open the spaces up.

The open concept kitchen area opens right up to the informal living room with views to the outdoors. Bold colors are interspersed with the natural materials, creating a cozy balance.

Using natural organic materials, like timber and stone, they were able to create a sense of warmth in the otherwise contemporary structure of the home.

The materials create a tactile feel, contrasting with the sleek, modern furnishings.

Really impressive home. I’m digging how natural it feels. Probably a little too formal for my personal taste, but it’s well designed. Everything just has such a tactile feel.

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