Thursday Thought


If you could teleport anywhere in the universe for the rest of your life, would you? The only catch is that you have to go alone, and you can’t go back to earth, ever. You would have the opportunity to see the entire universe, but you could never share that experience and knowledge with anyone.

I like to think of different scenarios every once and a while and ask folks what they’d do. One of my buddies he said he would definitely do it without hesitation. On the other hand, another person I know said that she’s never go because she could never see herself that far away from her husband.

My answer: Give me another 10 years on earth so I can finish what I’m doing here, and then I’ll go. Hah! However, if I was forced to make a decision now, the answer would still be yes. It’s a selfish choice, but the opportunity would be too big to turn down.

3 thoughts on “Thursday Thought

  1. Tough question. Hmm…what’s the point in experiencing something you can’t share with anyone/ world and won’t remember when you die. Sounds great, but is it truly worth it?

    • Yeh, that’s what it ultimately boils down to—is life worth living without the companionship of others. What would you do?

      • That all really depends on where I am in life. As of now, probably not because there’s so much more I want to experience here on earth. I’m also at a really great place in my life. Things are just getting started. Plus, I don’t like going anywhere alone…lol…so going to space by myself sounds a bit frightening. I think if I had a choice of when I could go, it would have to be later down the line.

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