Cars and Coffee

I went to a pretty awesome cars and coffee this past weekend with Stephen and Mike. There was a pretty large turn out, and some really rare stuff showed up. Let’s kick off with that first.

This is an original 1959 Cooper F1 race car. Pretty wild to see it out in the wild. This thing must be worth a couple million.

IMG 1446

IMG 1447

Here’s an antique Bentley. You don’t see these two often.

IMG 1443

IMG 1442

IMG 1444

This is a rare one… never seen it before.

IMG 1458

Some other classics that showed up.

IMG 1445

IMG 1440

A couple of nice 4×4. Loving the defender.

IMG 1453

IMG 1451

As always, American muscle.

IMG 1459

IMG 1456

IMG 1439

IMG 1437

IMG 1435

IMG 1434

IMG 1433

IMG 1432

And of course the Euro cars.

IMG 1426

IMG 1457

IMG 1429

IMG 1427

IMG 1428

IMG 1449

IMG 1450

IMG 1452

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