Cars and Coffee Pt. 2

I went with Annie to check out more cars and coffee on sunday. We met up with Dullah and his wife—they brought both their M’s. He just finished washing his cars, and they look stunning. The M3 and M5 are pretty awesome.

IMG 1470

Here’s another person’s M3. Looks pretty sweet with the stripes.

IMG 1473

IMG 1474

I didn’t shoot too many other photos, but I wanted to share a couple more that caught my eye. Here’s a giant H1, covered in mud.

IMG 1475

Tricked out Dodge Viper. These things are monsters, even by today’s standards.

IMG 1469

As always, the NSX is awesome.

IMG 1468

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some guy had a tricked out Toyota Celica. He had NOS hooked up to the car and stripped out everything to save weight. He had turbos and the whole works. Not sure why anyone would use the Celica as a platform for modding. It’s FWD and can’t put down the power. The guy already said he went through a couple transmissions. *shrugs*

IMG 1467

IMG 1466

Now this is a real track car: The GT3. Probably one of the best driver’s car in the lot. Dullah said that was a bold claim, but I stand by my statement.

IMG 1465

And a tasteful Porsche 993. I’m sure this wasn’t cheap. The guy got it with pretty low miles.

IMG 1462

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