Final Fantasy XIV Artwork

I’ve been losing a lot of faith in the Final Fantasy series. Every single time they release a new game, I’m say “Wow, it looks so awesome”, but when I play it, it ends up sucking. Story lines are becoming weak as well, and the scripts are usually created by the bottom-of-the-barrel writers.

Anyway, this new Final Fantasy looks awesome… *WAIT* I should probably avoid it.

Hat tip: Jim

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Artwork

  1. i heard the revamp finally made it worth playing…as much as i wanna play it ill wait til i get a ps4 to try it out, along with time. i tried tera and it vacuumed my time so badly. now im having the same issue with minecraft lol

    • hah! yeh man, i’ve heard a lot of great things about it… but it always seems to be the case. if you get it, let me know how it is. i wonder if it’s actually as good as they say.

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