New Walmart in Tysons/Vienna VA

Walmart 1

I went to the new Walmart in Tysons/Vienna VA last night. Annie and I walked over there, since it’s around the corner from my place. The good news is that it’s so convenient… but the bad news is that traffic is going to suck. People are already starting to drive like maniacs near my neighborhood.

Here’s the dinner we cooked last night, after picking up the new GI Joe from the Redbox from Walmart.


It’s probably going to get even more crazy with the metro coming soon too. Who else lives near a Walmart?

4 thoughts on “New Walmart in Tysons/Vienna VA

  1. luckily we’re a bit far…my fiancee does pass one everyday on the way to/from work so it’s pretty convenient. how was gi joe?

    • GI Joe had a ton of action. Dwayne Johnson is pretty entertaining. There’s a ton of smack talk, which is what he does best. As far as the story goes, I have no clue what happened. I just saw a ton of explosions. Sound effects were good though!

  2. Are those steaks from Wal Mart also? I just recently saw some commercials for their “Choice Plus” steaks, they seem to be pushing them pretty hard.

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