Cars and Coffee

I went to Cars and Coffee last saturday with Annie. There was a huge turn out since the weather was nice… plus it was labor day weekend. Here are some highlights.

Cars and coffee

Ariel Atom. Pretty awesome track car—I love how sparse it is.

Atom 3

Atom 1

T-Rex. Another track car that’s pretty light weight and explosive. The guy even has NOS on it.

Trex 1

Trex 2

Ferrari F40. This thing makes the most insane sounds. Hearing the turbos pop is just eargasmic.

Ferrari f40

Ferrari f40 interior

458 Italia. Yay! It’s not red!

Ferrari 458

Some other notable Ferrari’s on the lot.

Ferrari old

Ferrari super

GT40. Probably one of my favorite American car.

Gt40 front

Gt40 side

And of course the orange Lambo.


Lotus Evora. Yeh, it has back seats… kind of.

Lotus evora

Fully tricked out Viper. It almost resembles a TVR with the whole body kit.

Viper 2

Viper 1

Some nicely equipped M3’s.

M3 black

M3 blue front

Gotta include the old Porsches.

Porsche blue

Love the wide body.

Porsche black

Look at that tail!

Porsche turbo

And my favorite appearance of the day—a pair of modified Mini Coopers.

Mini 1

Mini silver

Other notable appearances that I couldn’t identify…


Unknown 2

So I’ll be in Richmond next weekend. I’m hoping to check out the cars and coffee over there. Hope it’s as good as the ones we have up here!

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