Cars and Coffee

I went to another cars and coffee this weekend. There were a couple of new cars that showed up this time. First off there were a ton of Jaguars. I even got the see the new F-Type up close and personal.

Jag ftype 3

A lot either love or hate the new F-Type. For me, I think it’s really nice… but I’d prefer a classic.

Jag ftype

Jag ftype 2

There’s just something nice about the old Jags.

Jag classic

I got to see a R8 RS for the first time. Looks like it could put some serious lap times on the track.

R8 rs 3

R8 rs

On a similar note, I saw a Audi TT RS. The owner claims that he’s smoked a bunch of super cars with it. A bunch of forums claim that it goes 0-60 in 3.5s.

Tt rs 4

Tt rs 1

A bunch of lovely M’s.

M3 1

M5 1

M5 front

M classic

A pretty cool tricked out Mini Cooper S showed up as well, rocking the pink.

Mini 3

Mini 1

The usual suspects.

Porsche 1

The Fiats made it out as well. For whatever reason, every single one was white.


An Evo with every single body kit accessory you can possibly get.


Last but not least, a minion hanging out in the back seat.


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