Cars and Coffee

I went by Cars and Coffee this weekend and saw a couple of interesting new cars. Let’s start with the best…

The brand new Corvette Stingray. Looks like they’ve borrowed some european design cues.

IMG 1666 copy

The back looks pretty good too!

IMG 1667 copy

Simple engine layout.

IMG 1669 copy

This is probably my favorite part of the car.

IMG 1670 copy

Another Stingray showed up later in the morning. Looks like this is going to be a hot seller.

IMG 1708 copy

This mini was speeding along on 66 on my way to cars and coffee.

IMG 1671 copy

A pair of teslas were on the lot. One of my buddies said that these were as fast a GTR.

IMG 1682 copy

If you guys recall, I mentioned that the Tesla’s trunk space was large enough to fit a person. There’s actually a kit that turns the trunk into 2 more seats for kids. That’s pretty darn cool. Not sure how safe it is, but I love the idea.

IMG 1681 copy

Pair of classic Ferraris.

IMG 1684 copy

IMG 1683 copy

Pair of old school Porsches.

IMG 1685 copy

Pair of Audi S4’s.

IMG 1692 copy

Pair of old Mercedes Benz AMG’s.

IMG 1679 copy

Old M3.

IMG 1676 copy

IMG 1674 copy

GTO Judge.

IMG 1687 copy

Camaros galore. I’m not a big fan of them, but there is certainly a huge crowd of owners there that always show up, along with the Corvettes.

IMG 1688 copy


IMG 1689 copy

Pimped out Jeep.

IMG 1691 copy

Old school GTR. I’ve seen this car before, but it always amazes me how rare they are around here. The only thing I’d do differently is remove some stickers.

IMG 1696 copy

IMG 1694 copy

Monster Miata. Yeh, just look it up.

IMG 1699 copy

You’ve got to be really motivated to buy and own a 1 series M. The fact that a used one costs more than what it sold for new is insane. Yes, this is one of the few cars that have truly appreciated in value.

IMG 1701 copy

IMG 1700 copy

Audi TT RS. I saw another guy last week with one. I guess they’re not as rare as I thought. They’re supposedly really fast, but for whatever reason, they look a little girly to me.

IMG 1703 copy

IMG 1704 copy

I’d have to say that the 996 turbos are probably the best value for the dollar, if you want to a super car.

IMG 1705 copy

IMG 1706 copy

Not but not least, the Lotus Exige. Yes, it’s supercharged. Pretty cool air scoop on the roof.

IMG 1707 copy

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