Cars and Coffee, in Richmond

I went to Richmond this past weekend and had a chance to hang out with Mark. We went to a Cars and Coffee and then met up with a bunch of his buddies from the Porsche Club.

IMG 1554 copy

IMG 1547 copy

IMG 1548 copy

IMG 1549 copy

IMG 1552 copy

IMG 1553 copy

IMG 1560 copy

IMG 1561 copy

IMG 1562 copy

IMG 1563 copy

IMG 1564 copy

IMG 1557 copy

IMG 1558 copy

IMG 1559 copy

The Cars and Coffee was pretty much a Porsche show. Pretty cool to see so many enthusiasts there. Many of them have tracked their cars. Pretty unnerving to think about driving a 6 figure car around hair pin turns. I think I’ll stick to sim racing and go karting for now.

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