911 vs BMW X6 M

After Cars and Coffee last week, I hit some back roads. Out of nowhere, a BMW X6 M was behind me. I picked up the cruise to a spirited pace.

02 bmw x6m wallpaper 1920x1200

I kept it well within safety, but it looked like the guy wanted to race. He kept riding my ass on the straights… yes, the X6 M has 557hp with 501 pound-feet of torque. It’s a monster that goes 0-60 in 4.7 seconds.

BMW X6 M E71 by TopCar 768x1366

He had no problem keeping on the straights and mild twisties, but the weight of his SUV couldn’t hold the road around the harder bends.

Finally, we came to a stop light and they drove by. A little kid in the passenger side gave me a look as if “you got smoked”. I was going to give them a thumbs up, but they drove off. For me, on public roads, you have to keep spirited driving within the limits of safety. Obviously, both our cars are capable of doing more, but that kind of stuff should be kept on the track.

2010 bmw x6 m fender vent photo 269715 s 1280x782

Anyway, the BMW X6 M is very capable SUV. It can do everything well. It’s a car that I *should* like… but I detest it. Maybe it’s because it’s excessive. It’s a car that probably will never be taken off road, nor to the track. It’s a car that will never fully be appreciated other than for trolling. It’s literally a $90k “sleeper”.

The ironic thing is that I usually love sleepers. Here’s the rub—typically sleepers look like regular cars, but have the power and tuning to spank six figure cars.

2 thoughts on “911 vs BMW X6 M

    • Lol. Yeh man. It’s just a standard older model. Picked it up used a while ago. Got it for a good deal. We should go out for a drive sometime. 🙂

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