Cars and Coffee: Everyone Else

I met up with one of my buddies at the cars and coffee. Here’s his 993 sitting in the spotlight.

IMG 1729

Lovely whale tail.

IMG 1726

Oldies, but goodies.

IMG 1730

IMG 1731

I like everything on the Mini except the chrome wheels.

IMG 1732

Jaguar F-Type.

IMG 1733

Vintage BMW. Not sure exactly what it is. Can anyone identify it?

IMG 1737

IMG 1736

IMG 1735


IMG 1738

Poor choice in scenery for these 911’s.

IMG 1740

458 Italia. I know everyone loves it… and I hate to be like everyone… but g’damn those are some breath taking lines.

IMG 1742

IMG 1741

I wonder if this guy lives in my neighborhood. You don’t see 1 Series M’s often.

IMG 1743

IMG 1744

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