Fast Friday: Mercedes Benz CLA250

Mercedes Benz has been upping their game recently with the new CLA250.

I’m not a huge fan of their cars, but the recent styling updates they’ve been making are nice.

Can you believe that this new model starts at just under 30k?

Okay, sure, with all the options, I’m sure this the price skyrockets, but looks better than most cars in the same price range.

Sadly, like the old C250, it’s underpowered. The turbocharged 4 cylinder engine goes 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds. With 208hp and 258lb-ft torque, it’s designed to be a daily economical-luxury car.

If I was in the market for a brand new $30k sedan, the CLA250 looks compelling. With sharp styling and an affordable price tag, I’d pick it over most other sedans.

Hat tip: Mark

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