Mo Cars, Mo Problems

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I finally got my car back last week. Really nice to see that there wasn’t any serious mechanical damage after the hydroplane. They said that they had to replace some gaskets that came off. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it was $700. Not cheap, but I guess it could have been much worse.

I thought about selling off both my cars, but after thinking about it this weekend and checking out some other brands, I can’t really part from it. I’ve decided that I’ll keep both my car through the winter and possibly sell of the Honda Element in the sprint.

But before I can drive around, I need to do some repairs to the Element. I took it to the shop, and $2k later, I’ve got new tires, brakes, rotors, battery, oil, and some suspension things replaced. It’s expensive, but I figure it’s the price for safety. I’ll just have to consolidate some of my stuff next year, and get a set of winter tires for the 911. What do you think, red, black or metallic wheels?

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