Evolution of Lara Croft

I just got the new Tomb Raider, Definitive Edition for the Xbox One. It’s probably one of the best games I’ve played in a while. I’ll post more info about it later, once I’ve finished it.

2 thoughts on “Evolution of Lara Croft

    • I’m loving the new Tomb Raider. As for the new Xbox One, it’s so so. I think it has a lot of flaws at the moment. Some of those things will be addressed in the future. #1) They just lowered the price to match the PS3, which is annoying for early adopters. #2) Joining games and inviting friends to a party is absolutely annoying—they’ve gone backwards in terms of user experience. However, they said they’re addressing this issue in a release coming up. #3) There are no games to play. And the worst part is, there are hardly any exclusive games. Granted, Titanfall is coming out soon, so that’ll be nice. #4) You can really use it as a media player. For a device that claims that you can replace your media players, you can plug in a usb and play MP4s. Kind of annoying. :/ 5) The $60 Xbox Live yearly subscription is starting to get lame. Releases and improvements are slow, and fees are high.

      Overall, the Xbox One is an improvement, but not a replacement for anything. I think they did a better job marketing it than actually did in delivering a superior product. Chances are, Playstation and other gaming platforms may have a chance to slide in and take their place. In some ways, I hope there’s more competition for Xbox, just so they can get their act together.

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