Cars and Coffee

I’ve got a real treat this time—I saw a GT3RS at the cars and coffee this week. Insanity. You don’t see those too often on the street.

IMG 2461

IMG 2465

IMG 2462

IMG 2466

And for whatever reason, all the M5’s were out.

IMG 2450

IMG 2449

And some exotics… Yep, that’s an Audi R8 GT on the left.

IMG 2454

IMG 2455

And their cousin, the Lambo.

IMG 2459

IMG 2468


IMG 2467

S2000 galore.

IMG 2457

Customized NSX.

IMG 2472

C Class AMG.

IMG 2456

Beautifully customized 4 door M3 and after market turbo. Cool duck tail on the rear.

IMG 2470

IMG 2471

Stock 335i.

IMG 2453


IMG 2451

A beautiful Subaru. Looks like a blast to drive.

IMG 2458

And a restored Sting Ray.

IMG 2452

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