Definitive Technology Supercube 4000

Sadly, my Definitive Technology Procinema 800 subwoofer died recently… so I took it as an opportunity to upgrade. The Procinema 800 sub is considered to be a decent 8″ 300 watt sub, but honestly it’s nothing compared to the Supercube 4000.

Definitive sc4000 o withremote

The first thing you notice when you use the SC4000 is that the bass is much lower… it’s something that you feel, rather than hear. The second thing I noticed is that my entire speaker system is missing a strong mid range. While I set the cross over to 150, I’m going to have to go back and replace my left and right channels with something larger (speakers with 6.5″ drivers).

SC 4000 xray

The SC4000 is a nice compact subwoofer that packs a punch if you live in a small condo, like myself. It definitely takes some time to tune, but it’s not a problem since there’s a little remote control that comes along with it. It’s probably the best feature of the whole thing.


If you need anything bigger, I’d probably say, go with a different brand. Definitive technology has larger subs, but at that point, you might as well just get a 10-12″ sub with an open port—to really move air. The SC4000 is only a winner if your space is small, and your need for bass is big.

Ps. I bet my neighbors really like me now. Heh.

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