Cars and Coffee

Not a huge turn out at Cars and Coffee today—I guess it was because it was Father’s Day.


IMG 4242

Nice Subaru with a matte white finish.

IMG 4241


IMG 4240


IMG 4239

Smart car with tow hook and Lambo style doors.

IMG 4237

Aston Vantage

IMG 4235

M6 with a bold license plate.

IMG 4233

Over the top Viper.

IMG 4231

Not sure exactly what this is, but it’s pretty cool. Looks like a variation of the GT40.

IMG 4225

Anyway, I detailed my car for about 3-4 hours the day before, just to have a bird take a big crap on it the next day.

IMG 4222

The worst part is that the turd blemished the finish a little. I’m hoping that I can buff it out.

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