Cars and Coffee

IMG 4261

Lovely R8. The exterior still looks great.

IMG 4260

I’m still thinking about that V10 version in California.

IMG 4263

There were a ton of Ferraris out there on sunday.

IMG 4267

Not sure if I’d ever want to own one, but I’d love to take one out for a spin.

IMG 4268

Even all these years, they still look great. I just wonder what it must cost to maintain them.

IMG 4270

You don’t see these too often.

IMG 4266

The back looks just as nice.

IMG 4272

Speaking of yellow lambos…

IMG 4273

Not sure what kind of body kit was on the back, but it looked a little different from stock.

IMG 4276

Heavily modded S2000.

IMG 4277

Really love the wheels on this AMG.

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